Positivus - the biggest annual music and art festival in the Baltics takes place next to the beach of the beautiful coastal town Salacgriva in Fishermen's Park.


The Sea Festival – a traditional fishermen’s festival is held annually on 2nd Saturday of July in almost every coastal town of Latvia and Salacgriva is not an exception. The festivity programm in Salacgriva includes sports competitions, a craftsmen market, a wooden fish painting activities for children, a fish cooking, a concert and an open-air party from dusk till dawn.


The tradition of Salacgriva Classical Music Festival began several years ago by the first violin of the Sipakov orchestra “Moscow virtuosos” Aleksey Lundin (now the patron of the festival). During a summer vacation in Salacgriva the famous violinist and his friends decided to give a classical music concert to people of Salacgriva. The festival takes place in August.


Annualy coastal towns of Salacgriva and Ainazi are celebrating Town Festivals in August.


The Lamprey festival in Salacgriva is beeing celebrated in October for the last 6 years.

Lampreys for many people are special delicacy, but the lamprey fishing in the world is low. Salacgriva lamprey fishing weirs over Salaca river are still in use. It is a unique method of fishing with many centuries of history. A lamprey weir is a specially-designed footbridge that crosses the river. From weir immersed in a river lamprey coops. Every year before the start of the lamprey fishing season fishermen install weirs again. It is built according to old methods from several years matured spruce lumber. But restraints drive into the river ground with the help of special 16 kg heavy sledge hammer, and it is called - to biff weir. On the top of the weir mounted 30-40 cm wide footbridge for fishermen to walk over.

Welcome to the Lamprey festival and taste a roasted lamprey!