"Kosīši" is located in the North of Vidzeme region, between Salacgrīva and Vitrupe towns, which is only 20 km from the borderline of Latvia and Estonia. This is why it is a good place where to familiarise yourself with the North of Latvia and the South of Estonia. The main advantage of the North of Latvia is, of course, its beautiful and untouched nature

The surrounding villages are within walking distance. Svētciems is also in a great location for those that would like to travel a bit further and visit either Pērnava, the summer capital of Estonia, or Limbaži.

The closest towns, such as Salacgrīva (5 km from "Kosīši") and Ainaži (20 km), offer interesting ways to spend your time – sailing on the Sea, craw fishing, visit to lamprey weir, restaurants, culture and leisure events.

In Salacgrīva, popular visiting locations include Pilskalns, breakwaters and the Fisherman Park. In Ainaži there is The Museum of Ainazi Naval School and a mole (architecture). Other worthy of a visit places include the Red Cliffs of Salaca, Livonian victim cages, Ķirbiži forest museum, Veczemju Red Cliff ( Mantini Cliff ) beside the sea, Randu Meadows, rocky seaside of Vitrupe and other objects.

In summer Salacgrīva is especially popular place to be. Positivus rock music festival, which is well known amongst Baltic states and beyond, takes place in Salacgrīva. Also, every year on the second Saturday of July, there is a Sea Festival for you to enjoy. The Classical Music festival is celebrated in Salacgrīva churches and recreation centres during the beginning of August.