People come to “Kosīši” not only because of the sea, but for many other reasons too. Beautiful nature, its colors and sounds are an integral part of the surrounding atmosphere here at “Kosīši”. Nonetheless, every-day comfort also plays a part for us to feel calm and relaxed. This is why we care that our guests can enjoy not only the beauty of the nature, but that they feel comfortable inside the rooms of “Kosīši” as well as outside them.

Both of the terraces are created so that our guests can sit in comfortable chairs and observe the magnificence of the nature whilst drinking a morning coffee or a glass of good wine. When sitting in the open garden house, it is best to study water reflections in the pond, enjoy a company of a good friend

Children and teenagers will gladly spend their spare time at playgrounds or on playship. The energetic ones will most likely use the opportunity to play streetball or voleyball.

There are books available to read in both, the Summer Holiday House and the Guest House (German language lovers will be happy about our historic novel collection).