We are the father and the daughter. Jānis and Liene. Together. Always ready for new challenges. We are positive thinkers. Our vision was to create a relaxing space which is not only a peaceful retreat for people but is environment friendly too.

“Kosīši” is a place where birds sing in the morning; where the majestic linden tree shades you from the midday heat; the gentle wind from the sea refreshes you in the afternoons and where its waters reflect the starry night sky.

“Kosīši” has two beautiful houses that face towards the sea. Spacious terraces where you can bathe in the sun. It is a place that is pleasing to the eye and palette. There is a play ground that overlooks the pond, which is home to the Queen of Frogs. There is also an open garden house that is surrounded by the aroma of freshly smoked fish.


We invite you to enjoy!


Liene, Uldis, Sanita, Janis